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    I noticed that when I receive messages in facebook, my blackberry wont notify me 75% of the time. This is because I have the chat screen "open", then swipe to get back to bb browser or even hitting the top button to put my phone in sleep. Unless I actually right swipe to escape the chat, it wont always notify me of new messages (Thinking im still present in the chat). Even though Im not physically looking at the messages it will say "read" when in fact it isnt read. I never noticed this to be a problem in 10.2.1 . Im currently using software release, and OS version

    Sometimes it does notify me even.. however it appears there is a period of lagtime before it realizes im not actually present in the chat. EDIT: Right now it appears I cant get it to notify me at all when the chat is opened but either up-swiped away from or when the phone is put in sleep. I have missed crucial messages because of this probem! Ontop of that it says im reading messages I never read! Any help would be great thanks.

    EDIT: when i DO get it to blink it still will say my messages are "read" even though theyre not. I just have the chat active in my hub, it doesnt mean the messages are read.. and thats only IF it does blink in the given scenarios. Most the time it doesnt blink and it says my messages are read. .

    Other than this one problem I have LOVED my new passport and could never go back to my tiny Q10 (Which I by the way loved as well)
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    10-26-14 02:23 AM
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    I've just gotten used to swiping out of any conversation before I close the hub. It's almost instinct now.

    In 10.3.1 a "hub reset" option is being added which after a certain amount of time, 30 mins, but hopefully user customizable, it will default to the main hub page so hopefully that will stop happening.

    Via passport
    10-26-14 02:38 AM

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