1. jackbuck93's Avatar
    Not really looking for an'Android is a downgrade' argument here. I like BB10's swipe features but I want apps. End of.

    Did everyone see the Evleaks Twitter post that showed the Passport and the silver edition both running Android? Would Blackberry really release the SE in BB10 flavour and then screw adopters over by releasing a new Android version but not letting you update your BB10 to Android via download?

    I'm hoping I will be able to convert my original Passport to Android when all of this is officially released. Would this be feasible/possible for BB to do via a software update? Could be a daft question but I'm no expert on this!

    08-20-15 04:28 AM
  2. jackbuck93's Avatar
    My bad. I just saw another thread asking this. Feel free to delete.
    08-20-15 04:49 AM

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