01-13-16 11:52 PM
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  1. dryelle's Avatar
    People who use Blackberries are a special breed, that's all there is to it. (Love the tactile keyboard...my favorite part!)

    I like the Galaxy series, but I don't need it with my every moment of every day, as long as I can still fit my tablet into my purse. I don't need my phone for games...that's what I have a tablet and a laptop for. But the tactile keyboard is delicious for a novelist like me. If I want to write down ideas or a bit of dialog while I'm waiting for an appointment, I love the feeling of the keys under my fingertips...not to mention not having to turn the phone sideways to get a decent keyboard.

    I just wish I could afford a Priv. A BB/Droid hybrid? Yes, please! (*drool*)
    01-09-16 06:16 PM
  2. matt4pack's Avatar
    Apple who had the 1984 ad and think different campaign are the ones catering to drones that all think the same these days.
    01-09-16 06:54 PM
  3. anon(9742832)'s Avatar
    Go man go!

    01-09-16 07:17 PM
  4. punkcm's Avatar
    accept the reality bro BlackBerry is going to R.I.P with OS10 I hope to move in Android all phones special Passport

    Posted via CB10
    01-09-16 07:38 PM
  5. joshua_sx1's Avatar
    Tell them that you will sue them for bullying and your problem will be solved... no need to replace your mobile...

    Posted via CB10
    01-09-16 11:46 PM
  6. nvsfg's Avatar
    accept the reality bro BlackBerry is going to R.I.P with OS10 I hope to move in Android all phones special Passport

    Posted via CB10
    Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine :-)

    Passport. It's not as big as you think it is.
    01-09-16 11:54 PM
  7. anon(9742832)'s Avatar
    Size issue !! Lol

    01-10-16 11:37 AM
  8. GusBandicoot's Avatar
    Same for me at work. It's all apple apple apple Samsung apple apple.... they just don't get it that I want a blackberry...but they don't need to!!

    Passport se big and proud!!!

    Posted via CB10 - 9900 -Playbook- Q10 - Passport SE
    01-10-16 12:11 PM
  9. Sam Sciascia's Avatar
    To me Blackberry users are Leaders not followers. I'm a "Double Agent" , That's Bestbuy geek-speak for a technician that repairs appliances and home electronics. I proudly show off my Passport, and maybe 1 in 100 employees will know what is it. Most of the time, the only time I'll see other Blackberry users will be while I 'm doing a repair for a business owner or corporate executive. I've always been like George Costanza and enjoyed doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing. If Blackberry ever became super popular I'd probably go for a different device. And as far as Bullying goes, That was a normal part of growing up, and it made your stronger. It's a shame that the last few generation of kids were raised to believe that "they're wonderful, great, special people just for being born"! And now as young adults whenever they're challenged, mocked or criticized , they just can't handle it. All I can say it Toughen Up, Get a Thick Skin, If you're doing what everyone else is doing you're a sheep. I've always said to my kids. A person can be smart, People in a group usually aren't . Sorry for my rant.
    01-10-16 02:05 PM
  10. anon(8050899)'s Avatar
    To me Blackberry users are Leaders not followers. I'm a "Double Agent" , ...
    Like this post a lot.

    Posted via CB10
    01-10-16 02:37 PM
  11. BoldBigWorm's Avatar
    It's a Passport Thang They Wouldn't Understand This!!!

    When I first got and held it I was like "wtf is going on" but by the end of the day I realized that this is the best form factor ever!!!

    Posted via CB10
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    01-10-16 03:46 PM
  12. Jasonn Brantley's Avatar
    My choir director saw my Passport and he actually knew what it was. It was a beautiful moment in time, and I got to show him the wonders of BB10 shortly before he realized he was late for a meeting.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed using this phone and no friends have made fun of it when I show them pictures or website and everything is easy to see and read.
    If people make fun of you for having a BlackBerry or Passport, who cares! Go on with your life enjoying your phone, it's not harming anyone.

    Posted via CB10
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    01-10-16 05:15 PM
  13. Shumsher's Avatar
    Honestly, everyone I have shown my phone to, and demonstrated its abilities, changed their minds. I work in an artistic field so there are many iPhones. Unfortunately, most people have been brainwashed by the iPhone and Android cults. For me, I would rather be able to easily get work done, and I can with the Z10, or any other BB10 device.

    I was looking to potentially switch, and because I hate Google so much, I looked at the 6S, once phone, but I lose the SD card and removable battery. Okay, I decided would buy the 64GB model and that should work. I then delved into the email capabilities, and discovered it was more like, lack of ability. Saving attachments was poor at best. I sometime have to save attachments for which there are no, and probably never will be apps that allow you to save them on the iPhone. I can save anything on BB10. I can limit how emails are dowloaded in varying increments. On the iPhone you lack the options. You have some options, but not as many, and not enough.

    There just isn't enough usability for me to switch. BB10 does it better, for my purposes, which I will admit are rather unusual. Still, with the greater flexibility that comes with options, something BB10 gives you, it can be tailored for almost any use. It has been sad to see it so badly managed and developed.
    I definitely agree. I've tried all other OSs, but nothing comes close to the productive capabilities of Blackberry. Tech reviewers may bash it, but at the same time they always mention that if emails, texts, phone calls, etc are you main uses for a phone, then Blackberry 10 is the way to go. Apps aren't everything
    01-13-16 12:06 PM
  14. koool1's Avatar
    I just recently purchased my Blackberry Passport coming from Apples iPhone 6s plus. There is nothing wrong with the passport in my opinion, it does what I need and I am ultimately satisfied. The only 2 issues I have so far is the lack of "certain" apps like a legit Snapchat and how sometimes when I send voice messages it sounds like a robot.

    After showing my friends and co-workers my new phone I got nothing but back lash. "Why would you get a wackberry?", "That phone is ugly and blackberry is dead eww.", "Who uses bbm anymore."

    Those are small.... I understand I don't need approval nor do I expect it because I don't fear being different. Having your own opinion on what you like is normal it's what makes us human.

    But why all the **** talking and back lash just because of one phone? Has anyone else experienced this.... please I would like to compare what I have gone through.

    Posted via CB10
    I have always had a BlackBerry and I have taken a lot of abuse over it but I find its worse the last year or two.

    Personally I find it does all I need and more so why would I change something I like so much just so the 25 year old lady I sit beside will approve?

    Posted via  BlackBerry Z30
    01-13-16 12:16 PM
  15. lylesilverman's Avatar
    I'm basically a 7 years running joke in my family since I refuse to get an iphone or samsung. I have apple for most of my other devices (ipad, macbook pro, ipod touch, amazon fireTV instead of appleTV though). Basically, I don't care at all. I regularly tell them, I love apple products, my macbook pro especially is not something I can live without. But when I can't use the computer, I want to be able to crank out emails with no mistakes, receive my emails immediately with zero issues, open attachments easily and be able to edit them no problem where applicable and forward them easily when needed, schedule my tasks seamlessly in conjunction with my emails and work calendar, and be able to access the web quickly and efficiently.

    I find I do all those things much easier on my BBRY w/physical KB and BB10 than on iOS or android. It's that simple and I'm sure as hell not changing that because everyone thinks I should just get an iphone. I tried both other operating systems and didn't last long using it as my smartphone OS. Didn't think I was nearly as productive. And once you go back, it's easy to recognize just how much more productive you can be on BB10.
    01-13-16 02:38 PM
  16. Alberto8's Avatar
    I could not imagine using android or iphone. Bb10 meets all my communication needs. I was playing with galaxy S6 the other day and the clunkiness of the email gave me nightmares. It took me back to when I had a galaxy 2. Sheer horror.

    Chen needs to be fired and BlackBerry needs to update the bb10 lineup. I know it won't happen but I can dream.

    Posted via CB10
    01-13-16 08:11 PM
  17. olemsiul's Avatar
    I was an IPhone user for a couple of years and bought 4 or 5 phones during that time. I am a BlackBerry Q10 user from 2 years now and zero trades from the first and only BlackBerry. Just want to share all the issues I listen:
    - iphone user: need to upgrade mine because the latest update turn it to slow;
    - iphone user in a bar: can I plug my iphone, I'm out of battery;
    - iphone user to another: I sent you a sms, how come you didn't read it?
    - replying an iphone user: for which iphone do u need a charger?;
    - iphone new buy: yes, insurance is important, I broke 3 glasses in the last one;
    - my house mate: my iphone works better outside; me: LOL;
    - typical iphone user: need an ipad cause the game is to small to play on the iphone;
    - BlackBerry user: how do you turn on your device?; iphone user: you must press real hard the top button;
    - geek2geek: link 2 fapening???
    So this is a shortlist I gave myself the work to write because I can type one letter at a time and the letter I real need to type.

    Posted via CB10
    01-13-16 08:12 PM
  18. deadcowboy's Avatar
    Who do you work with, a bunch of babies??? I would tell them to grow up.

    Posted via my incredible Passport
    no, it sounds like insecure middle-aged adults who think they know a thing or two about technology because of what they saw on tv or what their teenager told them

    Posted via CB10
    01-13-16 11:52 PM
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