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    Found this particular reviewer to be most fair... he tends not to use a phone for a day or two and write a review... spent a number of weeks using the z10 when it first came out... wrote a weekly review of his experiences just using the Z10... think many users are very thinned skinned.... no reviewer is going to like everything about a device.. as for not know certain things... well just look at the number of threads asking questions that many of us considered something everyone should know..... quite simple,,, no one knows everything... sometimes it takes months to learn all the quirks of a given device... reviewers of any device usually do not have such a luxury... reading the review I found it to be balanced... afterall he is sharing what his experiences are... did not read anywhere where he trashed the device...even when there were issues... instead of ragging about it... he praised it when there was something he liked....he ended it with maybe the issue will be resolved in the next OS update... all in all an excellent review....
    Compare the two reviews word for word. Then get back to me.

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    Maybe a little bit off topic, but nonetheless good to keep in mind, if you want to weight the review of a BlackBerry device on a Apple friendly site:

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