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    Eleven things wrong with the BlackBerry Passport

    I admit that I've been a BlackBerry user since the late '90s. I have used about every BlackBerry ever made. For the past year, the Z30 has been my favorite work horse device. It’s the size of the new iPhone 6 and has been out for over a year. I got totally comfortable with the all-touch keyboard but I just had to try out the Passport. A game changer? You be the judge.

    There are eleven hurdles that one has to get over before they can fall madly in love with the Passport:

    1. A phone is not supposed to have a wide, square screen.
    The passport is a WIDE phone with a square screen. BlackBerry’s message is “work wide”. Here it is next to the iPhone6. It’s exactly the size of your passport.

    Eleven things wrong with the BlackBerry Passport-passport-iphone6.jpg

    This clearly shows the size difference between the two phones. It’s definitely working wide.

    2. Phones aren’t supposed to have keyboards anymore.
    The Passport’s keyboard is elegantly designed, only three rows of keys but the real value is the predictive type. I typed “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” and I only had to hit three keys. The word suggestions pop up on the screen as one types and then just tap the word of choice.

    3. Only laptops have trackpads.
    But the Passport has a trackpad that is built into the keyboard. It really sounds crazy until you use it. The whole three row keyboard is capacitive touch, up down and left and right. This works for everything from scrolling through emails to scrolling through web pages.

    4. A BlackBerry isn’t supposed to have access to too many applications or games, but the Passport has access to too many!
    The Passport is marketed as a business phone but with the Android runtime and a Quad- core processor it can run thousands of games perfectly – there goes the business productivity!

    5. A phone can’t possibly have all notifications and messages in one app, but the Passport does.
    This feature, called the BlackBerry Hub has been around for over two years on BlackBerry OS 10.0, but it really shines on the wide Passport. In a nutshell, ALL messages and notifications are in one place; emails, phone calls, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Skype, etc. This capability doesn’t exist on any IOS or Android device.

    Eleven things wrong with the BlackBerry Passport-hub.png

    6. A phone this rugged isn’t supposed to be beautiful and sexy.
    But it is! See this link for people on the street reactions… What Does the Man on the Street Think of the BlackBerry Passport? | Inside BlackBerry

    The Passport has a stainless steel I-beam frame construction and uses Corning Gorilla glass. Watch this video of two guys throwing it trying to break it… Axiom puts the BlackBerry Passport through some extreme drop testing | CrackBerry.com

    For me, the phone is too elegant to put inside a case. My solution is to attach a lanyard tab to the back (available on Amazon). See below

    Eleven things wrong with the BlackBerry Passport-lanyard.jpg

    7. A BlackBerry camera isn’t supposed to be as good as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, but it is.
    I won’t spend much time on this one, you can check for yourself here… 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, optical image stabilization, LED flash, check quality
    Complete Passport specs… BlackBerry Passport - Full phone specifications

    8. A phone doesn’t need more than 16-32 GB of memory.

    But the Passport supports up to 160 GB of storage. The phone comes with 3 GB of RAM, another 32 GB of memory, and also supports Micro SD Cards up to 128 GB. And the Passport costs $100 less than the iPhone 6.

    9. A phone is not supposed to support heavy use all day without needing a charge.

    The Passport sports a powerful non-removable Li-Ion 3450 mAh battery. The talk time is actually advertised at 23 hours on 3G! It’s a good idea to remember to charge it every other day.

    10. BlackBerry isn’t supposed to have a voice assistant that is as good as SIRI
    But it basically matches SIRI and in many cases is even better. Try asking SIRI to show you all emails from “xxx”. You can watch a comparison video here… .

    11. A phone isn’t supposed to have a lock screen that is more secure than the iPhone’s fingerprint reader.
    Well, read this 7-Year-Old Boy Uses Sleeping Dad’s Finger To Unlock iPhone
    Read more at 7-Year-Old Boy Uses Sleeping Dad's Finger To Unlock iPhone

    The Passport has picture password unlock as an option. You basically drag a selected number from 0-9 over an exact location (previously set) on a picture of your choice. My 11 year old son has watched me use it many times and he still can’t figure it out. Fail more than ten times and the Passport wipes itself clean. Here is my picture password below.

    Eleven things wrong with the BlackBerry Passport-img_20141207_111527.jpg

    I challenge anyone to figure it out. If they do, I’ll send them a free Passport!

    Summary: Once you work wide you’ll never go back! After using the Passport for three hours I held it next to my trusty Z30. OMG, that Z30 is too narrow for productive work.

    Now it’s not three hours but over three weeks and I’ll never go back!
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    Love my Passport!

    11 reasons why the BlackBerry Passport is the best smartphone on the market!

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    12-08-14 01:53 PM
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    Very Nice! Agree on all points

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    12-08-14 01:57 PM
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    So the OS should be called BlackBerry 11 instead of 10.3.0
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    12-08-14 01:58 PM
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    Dang, click-bait LOL. Nice one (or should I say, eleven?) there
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    12-08-14 02:02 PM
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    BlackBerry Passport is the ideal device for medical/clinical settings. It was designed to work with NantHealth systems, and will be used to view all kinds of medical images and scans. It is a perfect mini laptop as well as messaging and communication device all in one. BlackBerry is once again proving it is a pioneer.

    Posted using my BlackBerry Z30.
    12-08-14 02:06 PM
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    From Le Passport ?
    12-08-14 02:09 PM
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    Fun write up!

    The 5 in his ear? haha
    12-08-14 02:10 PM
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    Good job summing it up this way!


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    12-08-14 02:29 PM
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    We have some real talent here in CrackBerry's site!

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    Great post!!!

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    12-08-14 02:43 PM
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    Love my Passport!

    11 reasons why the BlackBerry Passport is the best smartphone on the market!

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    AGREED:!: "11 amazingly awesome things with the BlackBerry Passport"

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    12-08-14 02:45 PM
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    Can you give a link for the lanyard tab on the amazon, I didn't find it. Thanks!

    Blackberry Passport
    12-08-14 03:21 PM
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    The company is Snow Lizard. 4 tabs for something like $3.99. Just search snow lizard tabs on Amazon. Jim

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    12-08-14 03:25 PM
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    12-08-14 03:27 PM
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    Great writeup!
    I friend of mine noticed my Passport sitting on the bar next to us and asked what it was. I told him it was the new BlackBerry and he asked for a demo. He mentioned it' has no numbers so I showed him how the numbers worked and he was amazed. I then started scrolling using the keyboard and

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    12-08-14 03:33 PM
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    Cont. And used the cursor to move over the, screen. He then swore that it was some kind of trick and watched my fingers carefully to try to figure out how I was doing this.
    Needless to say, I had a lot of fun with this

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    12-08-14 03:38 PM
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    No it is the 6 actually. I already got a tracking number for my free passport.
    12-08-14 03:41 PM
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    Awesome write up!

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    12-08-14 03:52 PM
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    Good write up and I feel the same way, I feel like Johnny Appleseed here in the USA, planting my passport seeds wherever I go.

    Sent from my Lovely Passport on T Mobile USA
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    I was initially thinking that you should have said "11 things DIFFERENT with the Blackberry Passport", but I see you like to do thinks like our resident JC and how he hates his Blackberry.

    Nice look at what makes Blackberry special. And as for your challenge, I'm guessing the number "2" in the bright light that is reflecting off the back door.
    12-08-14 04:38 PM
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    Posted via CB10
    12-08-14 04:45 PM
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    Actually the only real complain or two is not enough software abuse of the form factor. Blackberry should have offered side to side apps from the get go. They should have done something different to adjust or introduce something new in the software to utilize the screen and the keyboard.

    Also from all that working wide and tall we are still constrained with the text box in SMS or BBM, lame
    12-08-14 05:07 PM
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    Another 11 reasons that discourage me from getting the Passport but I got one just for the hell of it anyways. Hehe.
    12-08-14 05:22 PM
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    That lanyard though!

    Genius idea.

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    12-08-14 05:23 PM
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