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    Was able to get both the hard shell (black) and leather flip case (tan). Also saw a non BlackBerry hard shell. Telus store in city center mall.

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    11-17-14 03:13 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    good to see passport support
    12-08-14 10:13 PM
  3. GeoK's Avatar
    Post a photo of what you got, dude!!
    12-08-14 10:42 PM
  4. byex's Avatar
    Be cautious when getting the hardshell case.
    The silver BlackBerry logo may or may not come off after a couple months.

    Mine came off this evening. All silver pieces at once. I took some goo gone and cleaned out the glue where the BlackBerry logo is indented. Looks like it was held in there by some very cheap glue.

    It doesn't look too bad without the silver. Just sucks that such poor build quality on a case for a premium BlackBerry phone.

    Edmonton Telus has passport cases-img_20141209_004440.jpg

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    12-08-14 11:46 PM

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