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    Hello there,

    i cant safe or open any of the attachments i get through my microsoft exchange active sync account.

    It shows all the emails and the option to download it, as i do it apperently safes them. When i try to open it, nothing happens.
    If i try to safe it in another location the error "cant safe the attachment" appears.

    Everything works fine with my gmail account. I can actually resend the e-mails to the gmail account and open the attachments just fine.

    I have this problems now for a few months and i couldnt find any solution.
    On a sidenote, the push-function doesnt work properly as well, sometimes i get the e-mails and sometimes it just wont sync.

    The active sync account is also linked to my ipad and another iphone and it works perfectly fine there.

    I did restart the phone, reset and tried it with and without a backup.

    Anyone heared of that problem before?

    PS: did post this in the Q&A section as well, dunno where it actually belongs.

    EDIT: Well, somehow this was placed at the classic thread, it belongs to the passport thread. I cant delete it now i guess, maybe someone can move it?
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