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    Note: You will most likely be destroying your Dock and can not use it for Z10 anymore. This will also be an POWER/USB connection only dock after but you do get a extra HDMI to MicroHDMI adpater out of it. It will not work with Classic...I tried. - Classic is too thick in back to fit.

    What you will need:
    Torx 6 driver
    Small pair of Wire Cutters or eXacto(fi you have not cutters)
    Z10 Dock
    Electric tape(Black)

    DYI Passport Dock - Usigng Z10 Dock-dock-final.jpg

    Make the Dock:

    Feel for 6 indents where the screws are as Picture 2. There are 3 more that’s a mirror of the picture. Easiest way to do this is to just use the Torx6 and poke through it. I tried removing the silicone but it will probably not be put back on well.
    Remove based from top. Remove the ports from the plastic housing. Lift the heavy metal piece [it is just double sided tape down]. Remove the HDMI port [Bonus: use it as an extra HDMIto micro HDMI convertor].
    Cut as shown in the plastic with the cutters[Picture 3]. It is easier than eXacto. I tried with a blade but cutters works easier and better. Cut as circled in picture[Picture 3]. [The first cut one was my first attempt and trial and error]. Try to align the USB port to the HDMI hole in housing as it is less work and it is pretty centered. [Picture 9]
    Cut the plastic housing on the left side to fit the amount you need to shift over and still put the cover back on. [Picture 4]
    Place the ridge so that it is in the groove you cut on the base and have the USB go through the HDMI port as in bottom left Picture 9. [Picture 5-7]
    Screw things back in and use some tape to cover holes [Dust prevention and looks a bit better]

    DYI Passport Dock - Usigng Z10 Dock-passportdock.jpg

    Mods - please fix spelling in title.
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    11-04-14 09:45 AM
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    Thanks for this idea!

    I have these very cheap Z10 non-HDMI docks I got from DX.COM, and the Passport just pops on, no resistance, no fuss, even smoother than plugging in a Micro USB cable. It stands upright and I now have it plugged into my computer, charging and ready to back up.

    DYI Passport Dock - Usigng Z10 Dock-img_20141104_114041.jpg

    Before anyone modifies a BlackBerry brand Z10 HDMI dock for this, I suggest you check for low-cost Z10 USB-only docks: they're much cheaper.

    I have to say, modifying a Z10 HDMI dock is like murdering a unicorn!
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    Better than it sitting around in a drawer. At lease it is like a unicorn without the horns now but it is being ridden.
    11-04-14 10:41 AM
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    Brilliant mate!!
    12-18-14 04:55 PM

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