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    Just a wee post about the dreaded red flashing lights when doing a security wipe, 3dys it has taken me to get this sorted and finally done but forgot to de-crypt my SD card so phone does not recognise says it was encrypted by another device??, does anybody know if you reload OS then reload from backups maybe gets the SD card readable again on phone which originally encrypted it?

    Edit: forgot to mention about how I got my Passport working again, I use a MacBook so can't use side loader, so after trying to reload OS through Mac after many many attempts was just about to give up I remembered I had an old Windows laptop, booted it up took all day to install new updates as it hasn't been on for about 7yrs, downloaded BB Link then let the laptop do its thing which took another day and more updates, finally tried one last time on Mac no joy so tried the Windows laptop and bingo took 2hrs to download and install then it still not getting my hopes up I looked out one eye and seen screen flicker then bingo BlackBerry logo then "verifying Os securing device" , so anyone else having issues with this dreaded red flashing my advice would be to just keep at it and try everything might take a few days but just keep kicking your Passport and eventually it should get going it's a bloody tank!

    Posted via my magical Passport, keeping the dream alive Scotland Aye!
    04-14-16 11:41 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Might want to change the title of you post to what you really want.....

    I've never done it, but if you are one the same OS version, then others in the past have said that doing a full restore did allow them to access the SD card again.

    But if you changed OS versions, or for some reason you can't do a full restore (seems to be pretty common)... your out of luck.

    I long ago learned the perils of encrypting and SD Card....
    04-14-16 11:51 AM

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