03-09-15 07:52 PM
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    as you could see people dont wanna admit that there is HUGE WIFI BUG IN 10.3.1

    do not reload anything
    do not restart it
    do not mess with your router
    do not load radios its useless

    DOWNGRADE as I did so ... these people just cant see that WIFI iS UNUSABLE IN 10.3.1
    Ffs stop talking for everyone will you lol. My wifi is perfect on my Passport on 10.3.1, it was perfect on 10.3 as well. Both my Z30 and Z10 again were perfect wifi wise.

    For you maybe wifi is unusable on 10.3.1, that could be due to a number of issues ie crappy wifi router therefore buy a better one. Or it could be that the wifi chip on your device is faulty.

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    03-08-15 07:03 AM
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    I have been a blackberry user since '03 and the passport is the worst experience I've had with a blackberry, especially given the fact that I had been looking forward to the passport for a long time, I got mine last week and it is riddled with problems, ran the diagnostics check and the phone is fine, but it keeps dropping wifi signals, sometimes it wont even connect and the router is in my room so hardly a signal issue, then there is the mobile radio, where my iPhone is getting a 4G LTE signal my passport in the same spot and on the same network cant manage more than a mere EDGE signal, and then there is the hotspot problem, I tried to setup the hotspot and after the setup I waited for over an hour but the bloody thing just showed a revolving circle saying "connecting"...I have been using blackberry since the 6230 and I love my bold 9900 so much that I am still using it to this day, the passport I am afraid might just be the phone which makes me bid farewell to blackberry once and for all...
    Ok bye then. I don't understand why people say this maybe my last BlackBerry device blah blah blah. We DON'T freaking care, if you aren't happy with BlackBerry then dump it and get something else that fits your needs and wants. No one is going to blast u for it so do what is best for you.

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    03-08-15 07:07 AM
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    Both of my Q10 and Passport have wi-fi issues.
    And it's all about 10.3 firmware. I had to downgrade my Q10 back to 10.2 and wi-fi works perfectly again. Still waiting for the hotfix.

    All my other devices like PS4 etc. work great with the same router. Oh, I mean 2 routers. I tried 2 routers and 10.3 wi-fi is working awful while 10.2 works great.
    I'm really happy some of you guys don't have any problem but that doesn't mean there is no problem at all. Yes, there is. And it's not about the routers but 10.3 firmware.
    03-09-15 07:52 PM
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