1. Cobra-Commander's Avatar
    God this problem never stops. Q10 and now the passport. I don't know if it's a coincidence but erratic double keys are more often after update.

    And what's frustrating about this problem this software bug or design flaw is hard to replicate.

    This will be my last keyboard smartphone. I just can't stand this problem anymore. I had bought this phone a week after launch from amazon.

    Posted via CB10
    04-03-15 10:14 AM
  2. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    My suggestion is that you get your phone replaced by Amazon asap.

    Sorry to hear about your problem - it must be extremely frustrating especially as this is happening for you on two different models of BlackBerry smartphone. I'm evidently very lucky, as have never had this 'double typing' issue on either my Q10 or Passport (though did have a 'squidgy' space bar on my first Q10, which I had next day replaced by my carrier).

    For me, the Passport has the best keyboard I've ever used on a phone (and the Q10 keyboard was nearly as good).
    04-03-15 10:45 AM
  3. thymaster's Avatar
    Hello. Welcome to another thread of double letters created by frustrated BlackBerry users.
    04-03-15 11:15 AM

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