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    According to iPhoneincanada and the appleinsider there are new iPhone 6 owners who have had to return and get replaced their new phones.

    Per iPhoneincanada "multiple iPhone 6 Plus owners have reported an identical issue in which the phone crashes or enters a reboot loop, forcing them to take it to Apple for service. It appears that Apple has swapped such iPhones with new ones, with some iPhone 6 Plus owners reported to be on their fourth replacement unit." Is Your iPhone 6 Plus Randomly Rebooting and Suffering from App Crashes? | iPhone in Canada Blog - Canada's #1 iPhone Resource

    Some suggested fixes included not having over 700 apps installed or turning on the Display zoom.

    I posted this just saying that BB is not alone in having new phone manufacturing or new system feature problems and that it would be nice to not have so many new threads stating that Blackberry passport has horrible quality, are you going to return it, etc. etc. What do you think?
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    10-25-14 09:57 AM
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    Every device has problems. Every product or service ever made or offered has its shortcomings.

    I remember the first iPhone call I received. Friend of mine purchased first day available and called me after leaving the store. Worst call quality ever. Also, the device didn't have cut and paste. Are you kidding?

    My point is that even hyper successful products have flaws. It doesn't mean the company is terrible or doesn't know what they're doing. It doesn't mean the product should be abandoned or avoided at all costs. It just part of the reality for every product or service ever created.

    Shortcomings and flaws in are part of the process. Get used to it.

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    10-25-14 10:22 AM
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    I returned my iphone6 as it crashing on me and I was having to many wifi issues. I could go on for an hour at how disappointed I am in one of apples worst made phones ever. Still debating getting a passport or maybe wait for the new samsung but I think I am done with apple. Apple is behind the curve and I have to concur with some buddies who are on android That the iphone6 is 2012 technology. It's true.

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    10-25-14 10:45 AM

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