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    Here's the story of how I did my very first factory reset, yesterday, and why it was all my fault...

    I was using Ghost Commander to shut down apps running in the background when I started thinking about all of that Android nonsense I kept seeing. Did I really need all of that? Some of it appeared to be junk.

    "BlackHole? What? I don't even know what that is. It says Galaxy? I don't want Samsung junking up my phone. Disable... pewpewdie..."

    Of course, something that I disable in this killing spree was more vital than I had assumed. Many apps, Ghost Commander included, would only run for a few seconds before it would crash. It took a while to make the connection, but I eventually realize what I had done to myself.


    Now since Ghost Commander itself was one of the problem apps, I couldn't even use it to re-enable whatever I had just killed. I'm not even sure that it really even would have gotten my phone working properly again if I could, so I defaulted to the nuclear option of first backing the phone up and wiping it all out.

    Unfortunately, restoring all of my App Data simply re-introduced the problem. So that called for another wipe, after which I only restored the System/Contacts/Calendar data. So now it's working again with only a few hours of inconvenience and too much embarrassment.

    I believe that we in the IT business used to call that a 'luser moment'. Never again!
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    12-18-14 10:49 AM
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    Good cautionary tale. It's rare we see people taking personal responsibility for foul ups on a BlackBerry device. "User error" is a rare term in many threads but from personal experience, I'd think it happens more often than admitted by some.

    Posted via CB10
    12-18-14 10:56 AM
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    Been there... Except for me, it was when I went crazy with AppOps
    12-18-14 10:57 AM

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