1. rickzimmerman's Avatar
    Hi all. I did search of the forums for this question. There are a lot of posts regarding the security wipe and factory reset. It's clear that all data, settings, possibly apps will be lost and the phone will be reset to the way it was out of the box. What I'm not clear about is the OS. I currently have, which I like. I'm waiting for the 3.1 update from Telus but because of some of the posts on this forum I'm not sure if I want to install it until I'm confident it will be an improvement. My question is - if I do a backup using Blackberry Link with 3.0.908, install 3.1 when it comes out and don't like it, wipe it and restore everything from BB Link, will that restoration be with the 3.908 OS that the data was originally backed-up over or will 10.3.1 irreparably be installed on my PP and all the data etc just be restored over the new OS, never to be able to go back to 3.0.908? Hope Ive made the question clear. Anybody tried this? Thanks.
    02-21-15 10:30 AM
  2. BBRYQ10's Avatar
    I highly doubt that it would.
    02-21-15 10:37 AM
  3. ankitchahal's Avatar
    no os would remain at 10.3.1..
    02-21-15 11:03 AM

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