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    Hi all...Just wondering if anyone has tried downloading Pokerstars on the Passport yet?
    If so, how is it working or does it work at all? I don't have any games on my Q10 as I work a lot and
    my Q10's keyboard works great for me. I am thinking of getting a Passport but wondering if it can
    load Pokerstars. I do play a bit of poker online, in the evening, if and when I have some spare time. I was
    about to buy a new tablet but if the Passport can do Pokerstars I may just skip purchasing a tablet all
    together and get a Passport. Oh ya if anyone has switched from a Q10 to a Passport how do you like
    the transition from a Q10??

    Thanks in advance for all responses.
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    10-02-14 07:17 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Is it an android app? If so, dl it on your Q to at least try it out. If it works, then it should on the Passport..
    10-09-14 08:07 AM
  3. nosco47's Avatar
    Does PokerStars Work on the BlackBerry Passport?-img_20140930_234311.png
    Does PokerStars Work on the BlackBerry Passport?-img_20140930_234326.png
    Does PokerStars Work on the BlackBerry Passport?-img_20140930_234415.png

    It works, review the 'ask a passport owner a question' thread'. I answered the same question there a while ago.

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    10-09-14 08:18 AM

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