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    My phone is coming Monday! Yay, I'm excited. I was in the cart check out process for Mintsim with all my information filled out except for my credit card but luckily before I bought it (cause I was too lazy to fetch the wallet downstairs), I pause and read their FAQ. One of the question was "Can I use my current phone as my Mint phone?". To my dismay, at the end it says "Unfortunately, BlackBerry phones and older Sidekick phones will not work or may have limited functionality with Mint service. Mint cannot guarantee all of a phone's functions – such as picture messaging, web usage, and other phone-specific applications – will be compatible with Mint’s service."

    I'm just wondering if anyone else uses Mintsim and can tell me that it works despite what that says, haha. Who knows how old that faq, it might work now? XD Here's to being hopeful because the price is amazingly cheap! I did a search and not a single post was ever created for "mintsim". I assume it won't work hence no talk about it or it's too new of a company for anybody to try it. So I am now planning on going with H2O. Some search results showed it does and doesn't work but they're extremely old posts and only one with passport. Anybody with H2O wanna post about their experience with that wireless provider?

    If neither of these two provider works, what's the third best runner up price wise? I just need at least 200 minutes, 1k texts, and 2gb of data.

    02-11-17 07:28 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    I don't use it, but from a technical standpoint, they appear to be referring to older BlackBerry devices that would require BIS. BlackBerry 10 devices just use plain old data just like every other phone, so there's nothing really stopping it. As got H20, I used them years ago and they were fine, just a simple reseller of AT&T services. You might run into some areas where AT&T would have service but H20 won't and don't expect much by way of customer service, but most of their offerings are pretty much self-serve anyway. Generally, as long as you have money on the account, things will just work lol.
    02-12-17 12:57 AM
  3. cuser1's Avatar
    Thanks! Ok, I'll go with Mintsim.
    02-12-17 12:03 PM
  4. MarkyZ10's Avatar
    Excuse my ignorance but what is mintsim? Is it available in Canada?

    Posted via CB10
    02-12-17 01:09 PM
  5. cuser1's Avatar
    Excuse my ignorance but what is mintsim? Is it available in Canada?

    Posted via CB10
    According to the map, only the US.

    If anybody else in the US are interested: https://www.mintsim.com/
    They have 3 plans: 2gb, 5gb and 10gb. The more months you buy, the cheaper it is monthly.

    I got their 3 month 5gb promo plan for $50 which comes out to be $16.67/month. Unlimited talk, text and 5gb of 4g lte data! Data is unlimited at lower speed once you cross the limit threshold and restart every month.
    02-12-17 05:00 PM

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