12-23-14 08:55 PM
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  1. jlinc's Avatar
    I thought I would miss being able to swap the battery but it has been a non issue. The battery lasts a long time and the i have never had it die on me. I do have a battery pack i carry in case i need a quick charge but it rarely gets used anymore and is usually just a top off if i have a bit of time. Would i prefer the swappable battery, yes, but i probable would have not taken it out yet.

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    12-23-14 12:48 PM
  2. crackberry_geek's Avatar
    Haven't had time to read whole thread yet... but yes... absolutely miss removable battery.

    One reason, I am NOT convinced hard reboots work like many seem to think. In fact the method of holding both volume buttons has stopped working for many of us, though it initially appeared to work.

    The method of holding power button until reboot leaves shells of previously running apps... no way that equals hard reboot if memory still has what you were running before shutting down.

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    12-23-14 12:59 PM
  3. dale-c's Avatar
    I got so sick of needing two batteries on the z10 that I got a passport.

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    12-23-14 02:12 PM
  4. dale-c's Avatar
    My main concern with ANY device with self contained battery pack is how do we get these devices serviced if YOU do need a replacement!? And how do we get new battery's?

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    That's my only concern.

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    12-23-14 02:13 PM
  5. tagumcity's Avatar
    I have a 3000 & 12000 mAh Anker external batteries. The 3000 mAh is about the size of a role of nickels and is used more frequently. If I was going to rely on using a device well pass 3 years, then it would be worth the effort to replace the battery. That would be a quite a minimal cost for a device heading toward 5+ years of ownership. The Passport is a mild difficulty to disassemble and replace the battery.
    12-23-14 08:34 PM
  6. scootnyinzer's Avatar
    I haven't been able to drain my Passport under heavy use from 6am until midnight ever. Not being able to swap batteries is not so bad when you don't need to.

    Posted via CB10
    12-23-14 08:55 PM
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