10-07-14 12:59 PM
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  1. nbaliga's Avatar
    I sometimes miss my q10. However after double typing and failed keys I had to replace the keyboard twice.

    I still have it - it's really cute and I love how small and comfortable it is with one hand, but I just never got used to the virtual keyboard on the z30, so REALLY looking forward to the passport.

    Posted via CB10
    10-07-14 01:14 AM
  2. Tompire's Avatar
    Since I put my hands on this Passport my Q10 feels antiquated. I am so into the Passport's sticky keyboard. With the scrolling and swiping features this phone is serious "business".

    Posted via CB10
    Same here! I definetly loved my Q10 but since I have my Passport it would be horrible to go back. I never have been that productive before.

    ..posted with my best phone ever! The new BlackBerry Passport! Not sure if I still wait for a BlackBerry slider and the Classic.
    10-07-14 11:07 AM
  3. afrazhaque's Avatar
    I switched from a Q10 to Passport on October 5th.
    It has been 3 days and I can not lie. I miss my Q10 a little.

    I reply / send over 100 emails & texts a day.

    I know it will take time to master the PP keyboard but my biggest problems are:

    1) I can no longer type emails one handed
    2) If using passport for more than 5 minutes my wrists begin to hurt due to weight distribution

    I due love the PP: Screen Size, Apps, Battery, and Touch Enabled Keyboard, but i can not yet type as fast as I could on my Q10. Hopefully that will improve over time.
    10-07-14 12:30 PM
  4. footmatix's Avatar
    It's always a personal opinion given on your individual perspective. If one handed use is primary to you, then stay away from the Passport or even devices like the Galaxy Note. Less than ideal.

    But I absolutely don't miss the Q10 for one bit. Heck, I don't know if I will ever be able to use a rectangular screen any more. It just works for me. Took me about 2 hours to get the hang of the new 3 row keyboard.
    10-07-14 12:33 PM
  5. Mo Cat's Avatar
    I still have my Q10 and if all goes well, I'll have the Passport in less then 24 hours. The Q10 is a great device but the Passport will support my aging eagle eyes and has overall better specs. I will let you know ASAP what my first impressions are. The only 3 things I am worried about at this moment, is that I won't have a case for the Passport yet, that all my data and stuff easily transfer to Passport via Link and that the size makes it still easy usable. I've been following the Passport for a long time now, same as with the Q10 and hope all will be well by tomorrow or the day after.

    I would like to use the Q10 further because of it's small size, easy to carry but I'm not going to switch devices all the time so I'll see later.
    10-07-14 12:49 PM
  6. II ARROWS's Avatar
    2) If using passport for more than 5 minutes my wrists begin to hurt due to weight distribution
    Not at all... to me, the Passport feel lighter. It's so balanced, I often rotate it while walking without any problem.
    10-07-14 12:59 PM
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