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    Hi all
    I am not sure if this has been raised. I recently changed from a Z10 to a Passport. Now it seems that calls coming from numbers not in my Contacts are automatically diverted to my Voice Mail.

    Is this possible apart from Parental Controls which I have turned off? Is there a quick fix?

    Thanks. TMOC

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    02-12-15 02:48 AM
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    Seems like this was a bug awhile back. What OS is on it?
    02-12-15 06:02 AM
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    I am running on OS This is the OS which was on the handset. I run it on Telstra in Australia, but had to buy the handset from overseas as Telstra do not stock the Passport.
    02-12-15 02:18 PM
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    I think I have solved this. It seems that the phone came with Parental Controls accept calls and text from contacts only turned on - although it shows Parental Controls turned off.

    To get over this, you have to turn on Parental Controls, set a password, and tick both boxes (limit both calls and texts to Contacts). Then go back in an un-tick the boxes. You can then turn off Parental Controls. I tested this with an alternative number, and it seems OK.

    (Similar problem we had a few years ago with the Blackberry Torch with sorting contacts - you had to change sort settings and then change back to get it operating correctly.)


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    02-12-15 04:19 PM
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    Kinda stupid question but was the phone purchased new or used?

    02-12-15 04:25 PM
  6. tmoc's Avatar
    02-12-15 11:39 PM

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