1. madfaady's Avatar

    Display goes blank sometimes. I can hear the notifications along with Top LED blinking but not able to see anything in the display. At first I tried restarting the phone by pressing the power button. The phone restarts but display will be blank without blackberrylogo, It worked after couple of attempts. But the issue came again.

    Last time I couldn't get back the display to work so I waited till the battery drained. I tried switching on by charging. And it worked. But I'm sure this may repeat.
    The display is OK when I'm working it. I face this issue if I lock the phone and try opening it after 10-15 minutes.

    I don't know whether there been any threads based on this error before.
    if yes, kindly redirect me.


    Posted via BlackBerry Passport SE
    10-19-20 10:03 AM
  2. SteinwayTransitCorp's Avatar
    You may want to do a security erase and reload the system (not from a backup as the backup may be damaged as well.)
    10-20-20 03:04 PM

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