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    Just got a brand new sealed Passport yesterday and noticed a speck of lint under the screen, near the volume rockers. Call me OCD but boy does that little thing annoy me especially when watching videos or browsing the Web with a light background.

    Would require the assistance of CrackBerry readers on my next course of action. Would BlackBerry Service Centre care to deal with it or is there a workaround to get the dirt out on my own? Anybody with similar experience may perhaps shed a light on what I can do. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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    08-07-15 09:46 AM
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    Call BlackBerry from the number located on the card that was in the box.

    Don't do anything yourself, you paid $500+ for it, you deserve a perfect BlackBerry, not a halfass one you have to fix yourself.

    Not a common issue on the Passport though, never heard of it. More common on Q5 & such.

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    08-07-15 11:01 AM

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