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    I'm sure many have used the Device Switch app as I just used it to upgrade my sister from a Z10 to my old Verizon Z30. My question for those that have used this app is, does it transfer all of your music? I only see videos listed in the app details. My sister did not have any music on her phone.

    For some reason my music shows the artists correctly on the Passport, but on the Z some are just listed as unknown and out of order. Thought I might be able to delete the music and use this app to transfer the music on my Passport to the Z thinking that may fix the problem with some songs showing as unknown. Thanks!

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    11-30-14 11:35 PM
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    Just some more information. I double checked and the songs that I put on the Passport (172 in total) all show up under the correct artists, if I hit genre it will say "Pop" 172 songs... which is accurate...

    On the Z10 there are 14 songs showing as unknown in the "genre" section, "artist" section, etc. I put the same exact songs on both device using the computer with USB cable so not sure why the discrepancy.

    Maybe there is a way to change them or move them? I can't figure it out. They are the same files. Maybe the OS on the Passport is better at recognizing the artist and genre. Doesn't make sense to me as the files are identical???

    This is why I asked about the Device Switch app... thought maybe I could delete off Z and transfer from Passport for them to show correctly.

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    12-01-14 05:54 AM

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