1. anon(679606)'s Avatar
    I deleted a few dozen apps both BlackBerry and Android but device is still not clean... what to do now... have been on Priv for over a year and forgot if there are ways to clean... I do recall people said cleaners don't work on Passport

    Posted via CB10
    05-09-17 08:03 PM
  2. john_v's Avatar
    Look in your downloads folder...might need to download a file manager if you don't already have one.

    Downloads, Music folder, pictures etc.

    Just a few ideas
    05-09-17 08:38 PM
  3. shawnreum's Avatar
    Depends on what you have that's eating up your storage. Many ways to make space.
    05-09-17 09:29 PM
  4. anon(679606)'s Avatar
    Already moved all downloads and media to microSD card... still getting low device storage nag
    05-10-17 12:25 AM
  5. anon(679606)'s Avatar
    Attached Thumbnails Device storage almost full-img_20170510_013310.jpg  
    05-10-17 12:48 AM
  6. Huussi's Avatar
    Open file manager, go to the device section.
    Go trough all the folders and delete everything you don't need.
    The file manager doesn't give access to any system files so you can safely delete something even if you don't know what it is.
    05-10-17 01:11 AM
  7. Rico4you's Avatar

    Please clarify what device you refer too. Image you put up is from a Passport BB10.?!
    There just use file manager built in to move all media to sd card. Although unlike with Android apps on BB10 must stay in device memory and can't be transferred to SD card.
    Good luck.
    05-10-17 05:32 AM
  8. nhatanh181's Avatar
    Post a screen shot of your Storage here

    Posted via Blackberry Passport
    05-10-17 06:12 PM
  9. krazyatom's Avatar
    Delete all your adult video!

    Posted via CB10
    05-10-17 06:15 PM
  10. anon(679606)'s Avatar
    I have deleted almost everything on the device memory and a few dozen apps both BlackBerry ans Android & the device space available has not increased... what is the solution?

    Posted via CB10
    05-10-17 07:01 PM
  11. Huussi's Avatar
    It seems I like making double posts.
    05-11-17 12:48 AM
  12. Huussi's Avatar
    Post a screen shot of your Storage here

    Posted via Blackberry Passport
    It's hard to uri_nate in the correct spot in a pitch black bathroom[/QUOTE]
    05-11-17 12:49 AM

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