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    I use a Q10 on verizon and have been debating the switch to Classic or Passport over the past few months. It's been hard to decide because so few stores have Blackberry devices on display, and many of the ones I've actually seen aren't even charged or working. Eventually I decided to buy a Passport from Amazon just to test out the form factor; just got it yesterday and I think I love it.

    Anyway, my question is when to perform the device switch? I want to port my existing phone number over to the Passport, and I want to copy my messages/photos/settings/apps as well. The Passport isn't activated with ATT yet, so should I do the device switch now, then turn off my Q10 radios? Or activate the Passport and then do the device switch? If I receive messages on the Passport will they be overwritten/deleted by the device switch?

    05-22-15 11:56 AM
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    This is how I would do it (generally speaking)
    Install the current latest on the Passport, Autoloader is fastest
    ( is good, but there is no going back, so it's up to you)
    Sign into BlackBerry ID
    Update any apps/install ones from BlackBerry World
    Turn off Radios on the Q10
    Backup your Q10
    Restore to the Passport
    Move your Memory Card to the Passport
    Activate Passport with AT&T (Don't put the SIM card in or call them to activate until ready)

    If using Side-loaded Apps or downloads from Google Play with Snap or something, it can vary, but I think waiting until after you do the restore will result in more success.
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    05-22-15 02:33 PM
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    Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.
    05-26-15 02:50 PM
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    Timely thread. I, too, am about to switch from a VZW Q10 to an ATT Passport. Did the above process work for you?
    05-29-15 07:47 PM
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    I haven't had time to pick up an ATT sim yet, but I've installed on the Passport and it works great. I actually hadn't used an autoloader before, I've just done non-destructive updates with Sachesi; I even made my own autoloader with Sachesi because I don't have software to unpack .rar and didn't feel like installing it.
    I'm going to ATT tomorrow for the SIM so I'll let you know if everything works out alright.
    05-29-15 08:20 PM
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    Looking forward to it. I'm yet to see or play with an AT&T Passport.
    05-29-15 08:23 PM
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    Just another option of course, but I also switched from Verizon to AT&T for the Passport. Left an unlimited data plan as well.

    Anyway, any time I get a new device I set it up either using Link, the device switch app, or just drag and drop from mass storage. Basically, while my old device is still in use I will connect the new device to WiFi without a SIM card and set it up exactly how I want it prior to activating or switching the SIM card.

    I also did this for my mother and her AT&T Passport. When we went to the store I had the rep open the Passport box to make sure it was there and told them to give me the nano-sim and I would active it myself when ready. The rep said I had 10 days, but who knows how accurate that is coming from a store rep.

    I set up her Passport and downloaded all of her Android apps, transferred everything, basically ready to use. At that point, I then popped in the SIM card, activated the Passport, and gave it to my mom all ready exactly how her Z10 was set up.

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    05-29-15 11:33 PM
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    This is how I would do it (generally speaking)
    Install the current latest on the Passport, Autoloader is fastest
    ( is good, but there is no going back, so it's up to you)
    Sign into BlackBerry ID
    Update any apps/install ones from BlackBerry World
    Turn off Radios on the Q10
    Backup your Q10
    Restore to the Passport
    Activate Passport with AT&T (Don't put the SIM card in or call them to activate until ready)
    Following these steps worked out great. As I mentioned, I had already upgraded the Passport to earlier this week and was using it over wifi mainly to make sure I wanted to keep it. Good luck prying this thing from me now.

    Today I did the backup of my Q10 and restored to the Passport in a little over an hour, then went to ATT to get the new sim card. It took about 20 minutes and everything seemed good. A few things worth mentioning though:

    • I had sideloaded the Google Play Store on the passport before the restore, but it wasn't working after. I needed to reopen those apps (Google account and google ID) to login and re-register.
    • I use google 2-step authentication and the codes aren't coming through SMS. I am able to send and receive normal text messages, and I was able to receive the code as a phone call. I've had no issues with Verizon in the past here. Any thoughts? I ended up installing the authenticator app so you don't need to get codes sent to you anymore.
    • Some apps crash immediately after opening, it seems like it's the ones that were installed on both devices so maybe there was a conflict in the restore. I've just been deleting and reinstalling those apps and they work fine now.

    Thanks again for your help!
    05-30-15 07:21 PM
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    Glad that it generally worked well.

    You are right about things like Google Play and possibly other side loaded type stuff. Probably better to do it after the restore. I've updated my original post so that people will see a reference to that issue.
    06-01-15 03:59 AM
  10. jhanks64's Avatar
    This is a more complicated process that I go through if switching BB10 phones:

    Periodically I will switch between my Z10, Z30, Classic or Passport.
    I use SMS Backup to transfer my Text messages to the other BlackBerry. I save the backup file and folder to my SDCard.
    I use an app called aCar to track Auto expenses. It is an Android app and when I do a backup, it stores that backup file in the device memory. It also supports backup to Dropbox and Onedrive, which I do separate from the local backup. I do it immediately after the local backup.
    As for BBM chats, I will either email them to myself or copy and paste into a Word document and save it on the SDcard.
    When I'm ready, I shut down, take the SIM and Media card out and put both of them in the BlackBerry I'm switching to.
    Then I activate BBM, which restores my groups and BBM contact list.

    I use SMS Backup to restore my Text messages, import the aCar data from the backup and am usually good to go. aCar is no longer in BlackBerry world and the Pro unlocker from Google Play won’t work, so I have to restore that particular app using BlackBerry Link the first time I use it on a new BlackBerry.

    I also use Our Groceries for Shopping lists and it syncs to their server, so I can open it on any device and have updated info.
    In addition, I use Evernote, which syncs to the cloud. My email, contacts, calendars, notes and task list syncs to my MDaemon server via ActiveSync. I don't use the built-in Evernote feature because I found that it had some limits in note size and wouldn't sync some new information I had typed.

    I usually have to redo my Auto Text (Word Substitution) on each BlackBerry.
    I also use KeePass and store the data file on the SDcard and back up to Onedrive, Box and Dropbox.

    Edit: I recently discovered that BlackBerry Link will allow me to do a custom restore and restore BBM chats. Now I can transfer those too.
    Also aCar Pro Unlocker has to be restored using Link because it's not offered in BlackBerry World any longer.
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    06-01-15 04:06 AM

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