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    Name one other company that abandoned their product like BlackBerry did with playbook. After leading their customers on for two years and then just completing giving them the shaft. And I'm over it ie playbook. But once burned. It seems BlackBerry powers to be think they can do the same thing again. Anyway back to my orinal question. Name one other company who screwed their customers like blackberry did with playbook. Hardware btw

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    Laserdisc players? HDDVD? MiniDisc?

    The biggest failure of the PlayBook was that there was no successor that ran BB10. I don't know anyone who bought a competing tablet (first gen iPad, for example) at the same time who still uses it today. Everyone would have already bought a replacement with updated hardware. Actually though, I still use my PlayBook regularly.

    BB10 development might die off, but the devices will still live on for some time. And they are already plenty capable as they are. The only similarity to the PlayBook that I see is that people will still be using them for years to come.
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    Ok, there's probably a dozen of threads like this already.
    More recently updated I found (tired to search again and again) :

    Please proceed there.
    Thanks !
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