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    Hey all,

    I recently got a Passport, and I gotta say I love this device! There's just one nagging thing: there are 4 dead pixels on my screen.

    After browsing around, I've seen numerous issues with returns (ordered from shopblackberry). Has anyone had good experiences? Was it even worth it? I heard about recurring/new issues with rma's and the possibility of a used device vs a new replacement.

    Here's the catch: my passport is otherwise perfect. The hardware functions beautifully and I really can't notice the pixels except one tiny black spot smack dab in the middle of the screen. It's been hard adjusting to it, and I wonder if anyone else had to deal with this dilemma.

    Thoughts? Questions? Outrage?

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    12-15-14 05:13 PM
  2. irweezyy's Avatar
    I have a dead pixel as well! It's rite above the U key, I don't see it all the time because many times the dead pixel blends in with the other colors so you don't notice it, kind of annoying that it's there but it doesn't show that often. Other than this the phone is perfect and I don't want to risk getting a refurb so I'm going to deal with it

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    12-15-14 05:16 PM
  3. evodevo69's Avatar
    You think that's acceptable for a flagship phone?

    If yes, then keep it.

    I wouldn't myself.

    #dirtythirty #naturalsound #CB10 #glassweave
    12-15-14 05:22 PM
  4. bbmtna's Avatar
    If it were mine, i'd have already sent it back. Once you know it's there you'll always notice it. The device comes with a warranty, use it lol

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    12-15-14 05:30 PM
  5. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    I would've already sent it back, especially when there are multiple dead pixels. Seriously, this is a 600 bucks flagship device, this shouldn't happen. BlackBerry needs to get their homework done right with quality assurance, even if I have to replace it half a dozen times. The retailers will brag at BlackBerry for sure.

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    12-15-14 06:15 PM
  6. dejanh's Avatar
    My last three Passports, of which two were replacements that were supposed to deal with dead and/or hot pixels all had dead and/or hot pixels. My red limited edition BlackBerry Passport has hot pixels, a group of 2 or 3 on the mid-left side of the screen. I've basically given up since I am quite convinced that virtually every Passport has some pixels that are busted.

    My Z10s never had these issues, neither did my Z30, or the three Q10s I've owned.

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    12-15-14 06:38 PM
  7. chronomatic's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback guys! It helps getting some input & experiences on the situation.

    Decided to bite the bullet and try a replacement. Called BB directly and it seems like their policy is alright (I'll be getting a new device). We'll see how true/successful this is--already have to wait an extra day due to technical issues on their support system

    Will keep this updated for the sake of science. (hopefully it'll help others in the same boat)
    12-15-14 08:51 PM
  8. chronomatic's Avatar
    Alright, I'm a little disappointed guys...here's an update:

    While I was promised a new device, the replacement was most definitely a repaired one. I was still willing to give it a shot, but a couple of glaring issues arose:

    1. The screen had one large dead pixel. So much for a solution!
    2. As reported in other threads here, there is a notable gap near the notification LED. Light leaks through pretty bad compared to my original.
    3. The keyboard felt more 'clicky' than usual. After testing, the 'v' key was creaking and felt kinda flimsy.
    4. The power button and volume buttons were all sunken. While they still responded, it felt like the were mashed in.

    Overall it was notably tacky. Called back to see my options and am currently awaiting a reply. Can't say I'm impressed...

    Has anyone had positive experiences with this process? I almost feel like giving up

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    12-18-14 08:58 PM
  9. evodevo69's Avatar
    Omg are you serious?


    What a joke honestly, wow.

    #dirtythirty #naturalsound #CB10 #glassweave
    12-18-14 10:27 PM
  10. dejanh's Avatar
    Your experience is not surprising at all. I went through multiple advance exchanges with BlackBerry and it's a complete crapshoot what you will get. You might get a smoking good device, or you might get a complete dud. I don't believe that there are Passports out there that don't have some busted pixels. Well, I shouldn't say that, but they are in a minority. I'm playing a dual game now with Shop BlackBerry and BlackBerry RMA department.

    I'm getting Shop BlackBerry to give me a credit and I will order a new device from them. I am also getting an advance exchange from BlackBerry direct. Depending on which of the two is good, I will keep that one. If neither is good in comparison to my existing Passport, then both will go back. I don't lose any money in the process and in the worst case scenario I get to keep my existing Passport. At least the dead/stuck pixels on mine are not that noticeable either. I've almost gotten used to them by now.

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    12-18-14 11:47 PM
  11. mad_mdx's Avatar
    That's BS call and complain and get your money back
    12-19-14 12:20 AM
  12. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    Replace it again, it really sucks to hear about the obviously questionable quality control for such an expensive device. Mexico strikes again :/

    Posted via CB10
    12-19-14 12:26 AM
  13. dejanh's Avatar
    Honestly, whoever is manufacturing the panels sucks. While the Passport has a gorgeous screen resolution wise, the quality of it is pretty poor. No two Passports are alike for color reproduction. Just display a white image in a dark room on several Passports side by side at default display settings and some will be obviously blue, others really yellow. Some are pretty neutral, which is what you want. The point is, they are all different. Also, the color shift on the display based on the angle you're looking from is noticeable. Much more so than on an iPhone. To be fair to BlackBerry though, Apple does scoop up all of the top panels out there. Everyone else gets whatever they can for IPS LCD.

    I just don't understand how at this day an age so many can have pixel issues. This probably actually surpasses the keyboard key issues as the most common out-of-the-box fault.

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    12-19-14 12:34 AM
  14. silverbullet's Avatar
    How do you find the broken pixels?

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    12-19-14 12:55 AM
  15. SK122387's Avatar
    Return it and get a new one. Don't settle for that. Make sure you tell them it's a dead pixel so they can make sure it's passed along to whoever needs to know. The goal is to not have this happen on any devices, flagship or not. And BlackBerry won't know it's an issue unless it's returned and reported.
    12-19-14 01:06 AM
  16. Paul Collins4's Avatar
    I've got a minute hot pixel on my screen and reading all the problems with people getting replacements as bad I'm not going to return it too much hassle

    03-02-15 02:39 PM
  17. anon9133023's Avatar
    So far my AT&T passport is fine on the pixel side. I would definitely return it.
    03-02-15 02:54 PM
  18. anon(2325196)'s Avatar
    None for me. I always spot dead pixels if I have any, thankfully my screen definitely has no dead ones.

    Posted via CB10
    03-02-15 05:52 PM
  19. thedose's Avatar
    Since the OP has left out this detail, I am assuming this is for an SQW100-1, not SQW100-3?
    03-02-15 08:27 PM
  20. Machete Santa's Avatar
    I ordered the SQW100-1 used from Amazon Warehouse Deals, and the description stated there was no damage to the screen. When I got the phone, it had a small circle of brighter-than-normal pixels. Pushing down on that spot shows a circular distortion. I believe it was cracked under the glass.

    I sent it back to Amazon, they covered the shipping and no restock fee. I ordered the new SQW100-1 and it is absolutely flawless, screen and all.

    Personally, I would send back a faulty phone regardless of how faulty it is. It will only get worse, and you are promised a new physically flawless unit. I would only accept a less-than-perfect phone if I bought it discounted. But definitely with zero screen damage.
    03-03-15 02:00 AM
  21. Paul Collins4's Avatar
    Update. Decided to return to carphone warehouse today. Had to travel 10 miles as my closest stores were out of stock. New device is flawless!

    Posted via CB10
    03-03-15 01:24 PM
  22. thedose's Avatar
    Since the OP has left out this detail, I am assuming this is for an SQW100-1, not SQW100-3?
    can anyone confirm this?
    03-03-15 01:26 PM

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