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    So I am browsing the Web and get this message. What gives? Can someone please explain?
    Database quota exceeded!-img_20160104_032308.png

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    01-03-16 07:26 PM
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    Btw this message is showing up only for Craigslist.

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    01-03-16 08:07 PM
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    So I am browsing the Web and get this message. What gives? Can someone please explain?
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    I'm guessing that it's the "disk cache" option in your browser (settings-developer tools) letting you know that the site is using up your storage space.

    You have a Passport with 32 Gigs, so I wouldn't worry, but would be an issue for someone with a Q5 or a Leap that just has 8Gigs.

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    01-03-16 09:04 PM
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    Clearing your cache should indeed slim the data down.
    01-04-16 02:53 AM
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    OK thanks. how do I clear the cache? Click on clear cookies and other data? I would hate to lose my cookies but if I must I will.

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    01-04-16 03:25 AM
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    Nobody likes to lose their cookies, but yeah, that's what you need to do if you want to free up the space.
    01-04-16 03:31 AM
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    Worked like a charm thanks guys

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    01-04-16 03:51 AM

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