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    I use a Passport and have some of my contacts set up with customized notifications for differing ring tones and text sounds. Some of these customized notifications don't work all of the time, very randomly, and I get default sounds instead of the special ones I've set up. It is a flip of the coin if the default sound or the customized sound will alert. Does anyone have a suggestion how to make this more reliable? I've deleted the customization and started it new again, and have even deleted the contact and started new again, but still have random effectiveness of the customized alerts.
    06-24-15 12:16 PM
  2. Kris Simundson's Avatar
    Use a 3rd party app, I find them more reliable.

    BeBuzz10 or Hub++ are my go too for that
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    06-24-15 12:39 PM
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    You may want to try ensuring the selected sounds are on the device, not the memory card. I've had issues there before

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    06-24-15 07:51 PM

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