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    Hello fellow CB members and Happy New Year to everyone.
    In a couple of weeks, my carrier contract is up.
    I am not entirely sure if they are carrying the Passport (though another carrier definitely does), and I 'm wondering what to do.

    I have two options:
    - Get the passport
    - Move on (probably to iOS?)

    I've seen the passport up close, the screen looks amazing, but I haven't had the chance to actually play with it a bit. Now.. I've been using the Q10 for the past 1.5 years and the following keep holding me back..

    1. The screen ratio 1:1 is not really helpful for Android apps that get chopped up. Does the new OS update make up for this?

    2. Running android apps using 10.2.1 was not a pleasant experience. Most apps take a long time to load up and the overall experience is not smooth at all. Additionally, they consume significant power even when I use them for 10 minutes or so. Does this change?

    3. Double Contacts issue: for some reason, whenever I add a new contact it does get a bit messy, in addition to having Twitter contacts showing up, even when I turn on the option to hide Twitter from the address book.

    4. The Size: it does feel awkward but I guess it's all about getting used to it. Anyone had any issues with the size?

    Overall, I am pleased with having a BlackBerry, but sometimes it feels like there's too much effort put into using it. For example, installing Snap requires connecting the phone to my Mac and also the lack of native apps is a well-known pain that most of us complain about.

    I've come to not be able to use Android and iOS is far too secluded (inability to use bluetooth/filemanager/sd), so I feel like BlackBerry is the choice for me. Now, all I need is to be reassured by someone that it's the right move..

    Sorry for the long post and many thanks guys.
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    01-06-15 05:43 AM
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    1. Yes, there's a workaround for the Passport. There's a resize option if you pull down the top bar of a running Android app

    2. Yes, I've personally noticed an improvement from 10.2 to 10.3, but it's still not perfect. It depends on the Android app. I use a bunch, and some of them drain battery like crazy, and others hardly drain at all. I would also suggest installing Task Manager to see what Android tasks are running even after you close them. I have a few apps that pop up in Task Manager a couple of minutes or hours after I've closed them! Ridiculous, Android. When you close a native BB app, it stays closed.

    3. I don't know anything about this

    4. Personal preference for the most part..

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    01-06-15 06:44 AM
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    1. 10.3.1 update lets you resize android apps to fit the screen.
    2. 10.3.1 helps this also. But still, if you use an app intensely it is bound to use more battery.
    3. Depends on what account you are using for the contacts. I've never had double contacts and I use outlook.com
    4. Can't comment cuz I don't have a PP and honestly don't want one because of the size of it.
    01-06-15 06:45 AM

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