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    Dear All,

    This has been written about before here, but I am doing effectively doing a repost as it soooo solved my problem!!

    On my computer I have alot of my music stored via folders, of course when I copy/paste the folders into my Passport storage there is no way to play the Folder as a playlist as the Native music player plays by Genre, Album etc, (unless I create them manually)

    The easiest way after seeing an old post here (Yes, I said it was a repost) is to download Oplisker (Open Source Play List Maker) download | SourceForge.net
    Playlist maker


    a) Plug your device into computer
    b) Go to Computer>device> SD or Flash>music
    c) Copy/paste your folders of music
    d) Direct the Playlist maker to each music folder and it creates an M3u file within the folder, which then appears under Playlists on your device.
    12-26-15 09:49 AM

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