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    I don't normally participate in the pre-release hype but I'm not normally this excited about a phone release.

    I text a guy I know who works for Carphone Warehouse in Bristol (UK) and his response to my asking if they had any news about the Passport was this:

    Carphone are showing 1200 in warehouse but not got prices up yet on any. I'll let u know as soon as I see anything change

    Not long now...

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    09-22-14 01:22 PM
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    This is such exciting news!!! I literally cannot wait to get my hands on a passport and I think I'm provably gonna end up buying from CPW as unsure if the UK carriers will stock it. I'm with Vodafone, and I do expect them to stock it as they have a good range of BB handsets available. However, this news excites me greatly as if they don't have it I know CPW will!! Thanks for the heads up!
    09-22-14 01:27 PM
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    John Chen did say the phone will be available in some stores on the same day as release date.
    09-22-14 01:39 PM
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    John Chen did say the phone will be available in some stores on the same day as release date.
    This is great news in and of itself. It say that not only will Blackberry announce a new product, but back it up with available inventory on the day of the announcement. This is more than just a product release, it's also news of a changing Blackberry organization. I like it.

    Go BB!
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    09-22-14 04:07 PM

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