02-22-14 01:46 PM
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    It is the angle. The picture is of a Q10 with the top above the screen cropped out as with the bottom after the first row of the keyboard. There is another picture of a Z10 maybe .5 second later that is also elongated in the picture.
    Well, that still wouldn't be the angle, if the picture was elongated, it would be a stretched image not an angle issue.

    That aside, the image doesn't look simply stretched because the writing and images on the screen are not stretched. So if in fact this is an altered photo of a Q10 then BlackBerry photoshoped the phone to look like it has a different aspect ratio, not 1:1.

    In anycase, I'm not convinced of your argument that this is just an altered Q10. And I guess we're not going to agree.
    02-18-14 02:47 PM
  2. KDB84's Avatar
    I'd love a slider, I'm just hoping they upgrade they keyboard a bit - wasn't a huge fan of the KB on my 9810. If they could somehow incorporate the Q10 keyboard into a slider (with a 4.2-inch screen (Z10)), sacrifice thinness a bit to get a bigger removable battery, I'd be all in!
    02-18-14 03:53 PM
  3. kylef5993's Avatar
    Tell that to Ryan Seacrest lol... That typo contraption is hilarious looking.

    That being said, I think they could make the Q a bit taller without throwing ergonomics and balance out the window. There seems to be a significant amount of space on top of the Q's screen, between the earpiece and the screen's top edge.. If they got rid of the BB logo there, and extended the screen to use that space, plus added a little height to the phone, i think we'd be in business.

    Im sure there are components in that space, inside the phone... but i'll let the engineers worry about those details lol
    I agree. Maybe a little wider and just a very little bit taller but extending the screen to the edges would be perfect. Not too long though. I think that would throw off the whole phone. And yeah the typo looks ridiculous haha

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    02-18-14 06:07 PM
  4. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    Can you post the link...I can't find it?

    Posted via my BlackBerry Q10 or Z30 on VZW from Philly
    Looks like the video was taken down off BlackBerry's YouTube page but there is a video up on Vimeo now, which you can find on the article Yelmonster was referring to:

    Unreleased BlackBerry Blend software turns up at BlackBerry in Business event | CrackBerry.com

    BTW... AWESOME find Yelmonser. It's hard to say what we have here though, but..... let me go a little CSI here and put together some comparisons because I'm really curious.

    So here is exhibit A:
    - Notice the small gap of space between the screen and the physical keyboard (marked on both images)
    - Also notice how the frets go right into the side of the device just like on the Q10 (marked on both images)
    - Also, the buttons are definitely physical on the image in the video because they have the BlackBerry signature curvature to them whereas the software keyboard on the Z10/Z30 does not have that.
    - But.... (dream-killer ) take a look at the battery, alarm, NFC and Bluetooth symbols in the top left. In the image on the left, they look squished together, and also look at the at the time in the image on the left. The numbers look awfully tall.
    - But also consider that the monitor being used is quite odd, I've never seen anything like that in decades. It seems as if it would be a matching resolution monitor with 1:1 aspect ratio, not even 4:3. Yes, it's on a bit of an angle but....

    Okay, so here's the final nail in the coffin... two seconds later in the video, the screen actually changes images. So what do we see? A squished together Z10 I assume. Unless BlackBerry is planning to take on the iPhone 5S and go even taller than ever before~!, I'm pretty sure that's a Z10.

    It looks like whoever put together the slideshow used the images that either didn't play well with the software they were using or the monitor that they tried to run it on.... or maybe I'm wrong.
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    02-18-14 07:25 PM
  5. Bbnivende's Avatar
    It is just the angle of view. I would bet a straight on view would be OK.

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    02-18-14 09:08 PM
  6. nickdaman's Avatar
    I would be interested for sure to see this produced.
    02-20-14 12:43 PM
  7. europolska00's Avatar
    It is just the angle of view. I would bet a straight on view would be OK.

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    I don't know why you're so fixated by this angel idea. You can clearly see the screen is much taller and not a 1:1 ratio.

    If an angel change can make a something look taller than why doesn't my Q10 screen, and only the screen, stretch when I holding it out in front of me and turn it to look at an angel? Because that is what you're suggesting is happening here.

    When I turn my phone at that angel the length and the height of the screen still look proportionate. My screen doesn't magically look as though it grows height wise.

    Also if it was this magical "angel" you keep going on about it's funny how it can change the size of the screen and not the keyboard. Some wizardry is going on here I guess...

    Again, this is either a real device or an edited photo, it isn't an angel or perspective issue.
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    02-22-14 01:46 PM
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