1. gqtrebor's Avatar
    So I keep turning off my FB and Twitter contacts in my phone book, and they keep turning back on. It's really annoying anyone seeing this?
    01-01-15 09:23 AM
  2. Alicia Erlich's Avatar
    Can you confirm if this is all of your FB and Twitter contacts or just the ones that are linked with existing individuals?
    01-05-15 02:46 PM
  3. gqtrebor's Avatar
    All, for both. Randomly keeps turning on. Not a huge deal. more of a annoyance.
    01-09-15 02:41 AM
  4. SeanSolo's Avatar
    Same here. I deleted Facebook and made double sure I didn't select add contacts the 2nd time.
    01-09-15 04:06 AM
  5. TrueKulcha's Avatar
    Same here. I had this problem way back in the days of 10.0 or 10.1 and it went away but now it's back for another round of annoyance.

    NewsFlash! The highest rankin g American citizen is using a BlackBerry
    01-09-15 08:10 AM
  6. gqtrebor's Avatar
    This is driving me nuts lol,

    Posted via CB10
    01-19-15 08:33 PM
  7. retomex's Avatar
    Wow. My favorite rant. Contacts app suck big time. But I'm too tired to keep ranting about it. I pray it'll get better before we reach 10.3.2 or above...
    TrueKulcha and gqtrebor like this.
    01-19-15 09:45 PM

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