1. twirlyboy's Avatar
    I am unable to search in the contacts app...when I search an existing contact, it returns no results.

    Even typing one letter (e.g. 'M')...nothing. Also the alphabetical listing down the right hand side no longer exists.

    Anyone else with this issue?
    11-17-14 01:29 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I had that issue on my Z30 with on of the 10.3.1 leaks but it has subsequently been fixed by more recent leaks. I'm not sure what you can do there. Hope someone can tell us.
    11-18-14 05:39 AM
  3. SureshMurugan's Avatar
    Hi Folks,

    Got the same problem now after long...
    I am in latest leak... Any fix so far!
    01-11-15 10:03 AM

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