1. quadcells's Avatar
    Good Afternoon,
    I have two Passports (AT&T and a Red unlocked Passport) when at work and want to connect to my works wifi I need to enter a user name and a password. But have too keep doing that all day long. It's like every 10-15mins, but I have a Kindle Fire HDX 7" that only have to do it once a day. Also if I go to the hospital and connect to their wifi (no user name or passwords need) with my Passports it stays connected as if I was at home on my own network which has a password. Is this something to do with security and is there a switch or something that I can change so I stay connected at work?
    Thanks for you time.
    03-25-16 11:47 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Try deleting the network, rebooting and then recreating it.

    With my Z10, I had an issue with a new router I'd bought for my home. Had to use the Wi-Fi Protected Setup to make the connection and keep it. But it worked fine with the old router and most places I had been. It seemed to be something with the new router, but out of 16 devices the Z10 was the only issue.
    03-25-16 01:13 PM

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