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    From a 100% positive feedback seller specialised in selling smuggled Blackberries in my country. I only recently purchased Z30 from the official importer for 299+20% VAT, this girl has two new ones (no boxes, just the phone with accessories) for 240. She sells Q10 for 160 etc... now, she has just posted his majesty the Passport. From her pics, she's got two units, for 450 each. I already know not one carrier here will be offering Passport, official importer hasn't received them yet (despite start of sales in SE Europe being set for December) and now I'm tempted... is 450 for a Passport the best price around for a new one? South-eastern Europe, again...

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    12-21-14 03:13 PM
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    Just had a confirmation, she brings the phones from Hungary. I know batteries are/were made there, but all my phones (all legally bought, since 9900 on, two Z10s, Q10 and Z30) came from Mexico 5 plant... and she's promising 3 month warranty, which is rubbish, we'll all agree, but again, she's a smuggler...

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    12-21-14 03:23 PM
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    That's $638 in Canadian... when it's being sold for $599. So she's not making much margin on those for shipping, etc.

    Pull the trigger if you want one!

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    12-21-14 04:26 PM

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