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    Hello there,

    Thought to share the way I managed to connect my BlackBerry Passport to connect via a USB cable to a Mac.

    My Mac runs on OS El Capitan and as many of you know this has been a hard one, especially when it comes to the sync and transferring of files between these two.

    As you probably already know Blackberry Link has been described as the go-to app to make the connection between a Mac and a BlackBerry Passport possible. Alas, I was only trying to use Link for a Wi-Fi connection which never worked for me ....., then I was mostly able to transfer files over Wi-Fi again, but not through Link, but by using my Blackberry as a server. This method works as what you need to do is to go to 'Connect to Server' under the Finder app on a Mac and enable the Wi-Fi connect on your BlackBerry Passport.

    Now, getting to the point of making it possible to connect via a USB cable.

    All you need is install the Blackberry drivers for a Mac and then restart your computer in order for this to take effect. You can find what I'm talking about here.

    Once you have installed the drivers and restarted your Mac you need to connect your Passport and Mac via a USB cable, then you'll need to open the Link app (if it hasn't already opened automatically by this point). After this you should see Blackberry Link recognising your BlackBerry Passport is connected via the USB. Then you need to look to your desktop as you should be able to find your device as a mounted drive along with the Micro SD Card (if you have one inserted).

    And that's it. All the above worked for me.
    Happy working with the best phone ever made and called BlackBerry Passport.

    Thank you.
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    04-03-18 10:33 AM
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    @AccanthusSpring Thank you for sharing your thorough post!
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    04-03-18 05:08 PM
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    You're welcome. Hope to be to good use.
    04-04-18 01:26 AM

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