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    My computer wont recognize my passport as a usb device. I have tried going into storage options and enabling mass storage. I keep getting the
    'unable to install device driver' message. Sachesi recognizes it and it charges. I get the prompt on the device sometimes if I need to charge only or access sd storage. I have tried accessing the storage and it still does not work. Blackberry Link also does not connect to the device. I am running windows and have installed.

    i have attached an image of what it shows in device manager, i tried installing a driver from there but it is unable to to install

    Computer wont recognize Passport-capture.png

    ******fixed - found driver online https://swdownloads.blackberry.com/D...4C55585DB73D09
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    02-08-15 09:48 PM
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    Enable ipv6 in your computer network.

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    02-08-15 10:36 PM
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    I thought that you have to disable the mass storage?

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    02-09-15 06:11 AM

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