04-15-15 07:34 AM
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    What doesn't work:
    Tomtom Places
    Tomtom Go Mobile
    IMAP identities
    Full-blown Sixt app (not the feature reduced one from BBWorld)
    Keyboard froze two times within three weeks
    GPS is not precise when indoors
    Client certificates on websites
    VPN access through OpenVPN
    Delay up to three seconds when waking up from standby
    Random activation in pocket

    Just to name a few.
    Of course I have a 90% working workaround for each of these. But it sucks.
    I have been using the Palm Pre before. Each day I was hoping for an update that would fix the software issues. I see similarities with the Passport now. It's not: I have this setup, how do I make the Passport fit it, but: I have this setup. Doesn't work on the Passport. So how do I change my, and the other phones/clients in the systems' setup, so that the Passport will work.

    If it works for you Smiley88, great. I wanted to give the OP another, not biased towards BlackBerry opinion.

    Fiddle around to find a solution, don't work.

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    Assuming the OP uses his phone the same way you do.

    If you know of the app gap going in and it's not an issue for you, the transition is not that big of a deal.

    As for it being unreliable, mine has yet to freeze or pocket dial or leave me stranded with a non-functioning GPS. It may be safe to say that glitches vary from device to device as I'm sure is the case with all phones. Some have issues, some work as intended.

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    04-15-15 07:12 AM
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    Moved from an IPhone 5 to a Passport 3 months ago. Have replaced all the critical apps with BlackBerry or Android versions, no issues there. Improvements on typing/reading, mail management and browsing have been quite obvious.

    A big unexpected change that I still have to master is the access to real multitasking. Switching between several apps open and visible on the home screen has been really a bonus, much better than the home button routine with the Iphone.

    Also the access to multiple commands and applications through keyboard shortcuts speed the completion of tasks bypassing the process of opening the application itself. Granted, OS10 is not as polished as IOS in many respects, but for me seems more flexible.

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    04-15-15 07:34 AM
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