07-22-17 07:37 PM
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  1. mtdyson's Avatar
    Everyone will move on but some people (like me) don't change devices every time a new one comes out. Hell, that's why there are still legacy devices out there, I would still be using my Bold 9000 if I hadn't spilled coffee on it. Yes, the phone still works but the brown hue on the display just doesn't work. I like my Passport and BB10 and would enjoy using it longer and could if the runtime could be updated. There are people on here with the knowledge to make that happen if it weren't for the legal side I'm sure they would. Of course that being said I won't buy another Passport and I'm debating spending 70 more dollars for a new display simply because I need to use on a daily basis some android apps so that money will go towards a new phone. Will it be a Key one? Maybe, I don't know yet. The problem is it appears Blackberry has moved on and their phone business is a small insignificant part. I'm OK with TCL building their phones since Blackberry is focusing all their attention and resources on software, that being said I find it increasing difficult to have faith in a software company that doesn't use their own software but someone else's in their products.
    07-22-17 09:18 AM
  2. conite's Avatar
    There are people on here with the knowledge to make that happen if it weren't for the legal side I'm sure they would.
    Without the BlackBerry signing keys, it wouldn't be able to be installed even if someone were able to update it.
    07-22-17 05:41 PM
  3. anon(9742832)'s Avatar
    As of July 6, 2017.... 90% of Android users are on Android 4.4 or above.

    Granted I'm not seeing as many complaints about apps not working (or BB10 in general), but then it's not like many new users are coming to BB10. Most the old users know the limitations and what can and can not be done - which is you use and older version of an app that doesn't have the newer features, or find and app for an app, or move on.
    Yup , still love my Passport it does everything I want. I grabbed a Priv off the shelf when my Passport needed replacement. The priv is a fine phone and Android has come a very long way. If you have a Keyone what size keyboard would you relate it too in blackberry terms. I find the priv a little cramped and when I used a freinds Keyone I did not notice.
    07-22-17 07:37 PM
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