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    I went into the store at newcraighall in Edinburgh today, to ask if and when they would be getting the passport?
    The guy said, hold on I'll go and check if we have any through the back "my wee heart was racing in anticipation of maybe seeing/holding one", only for him to come back, "we don't have them yet, but I'll check our system".
    He went to check the computer and I heard him asking one of the other guys, to which I heard him say "THE BLACKBERRY PASSPORT, WHAT'S THAT,NEVER HEARD OF THAT.....UH???
    The original guy came back saying sorry they didn't have anymore info on it, just check our website.
    When I said to him, what's with what the other guy said, he said "oh I'm sorry you heard that, but he is an iPhone user and doesn't like blackberry".

    Seriously WTF!!

    This is either down to blackberry's lack of advertising or just ignorance of other users.


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    09-22-14 09:01 AM
  2. lerxster's Avatar
    Clearly an iNumpty

    Will pop in later ask the same question

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    09-22-14 09:08 AM
  3. diogoteixeira87's Avatar
    Check this video:

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    09-22-14 09:22 AM

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