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    I was playing some music the other day from the music player, which I do not usually do. Now, when someone calls the phone, the current music selection begins spontaneously playing. I cannot find a way to clear the selection from the player entirely. I've closed out the app, and it just restarts when someone calls and plays the current selection. I've done a hard boot which did not solve the problem. Other than deleting the music, is there any way to clear the player?


    Looks like somehow the music selection got set as the ringtone. If I knew how to delete the thread, I would, but I can't figure that out either! Sorry!
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    07-15-15 09:09 AM
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    i play music with the native player every day and i have never had that happen. What phone and what OS?
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    07-15-15 09:18 AM

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