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    Hey guys,

    Here's a really strange one I hope someone can answer. After the 10.3.2 update on both my Passport and Classic, I've come across a really strange outgoing call issue.

    Here's the scenario:

    1) I was trying to call my office today, but after hitting send, that call timer never started and never heard the ring through for 5-10 seconds and assumed the phone was having issues connecting to the network. I hung up and retried several time with the same issue. I decided to call a time & temperature # (405.599.1234), and call timer started and connected instantly. Retried my office number, no dice, no call timer.

    2) Tried calling the main line of my company, same issue, BUT the receptionist picked up after 5 seconds or so. The phone was dialing but not ringing, and the call timer was not engaging until someone picked up. I replicated this with multiple extensions inside my company and came to this conclusion:
    No matter what # I dial inside my company from my BlackBerry, the phone only engages when either the voicemail has been reached (after 20 seconds or so), or someone picks up. The phone is not ringing, but ONLY when dialing my company numbers.

    3) I called my office line by doing *67 then the number, and the RINGING CAME BACK! Turning off "Show My Number" also works and remedies this.

    4) To make things stranger, I duplicated this on my Classic, but was UNABLE to duplicate this on my iPhone.

    What in the world is causing only these specific numbers and only on my BlackBerry to cause the phone not to deliver the ring through sound or engage the call timer.

    06-27-15 12:36 AM

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