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    I'm wondering what are the OS capabilities on the passport, I love the phone so far, but when I look at the specs and what the potential is for this OS I see we haven't really ventured out there. For example live wallpapers, widgets and video in active frames that still play when minimized...I know this concept seems trivial; who would want to have something play while minimized... to be honest it's just friggin cool. Now unless they exist and I don't where, these are all things that make today's phones dynamic. My question is can the OS handle such things? Is it a lack of developers looking to create these features? I mean I have all this power and screen space, i feel as if this phone could be game changer that could deliver a Phelps esq win, but it's only got its toes in the water...

    Your thoughts?...

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    12-12-14 06:46 PM
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    Q5 owner here, sounds like your saying that the passport hardware is a head of the software at this point. Not having a PP myself to try I would tend to agree with you.

    Just the size of the screen alone opens up many more possibilities that you could do with the more traditional small screen and key boarded blackberries.

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    12-12-14 07:01 PM
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    Regarding widgets: BlackBerry decided against them when designing the BB10 UI and went with the combination of HUb and Active Frames instead. Just like Microsoft decided against widgets and instead used their Live Tiles system to display apps and information. Not everybody like the widget concept everybody tends to see superior just because Android makes heavy use of it. I for one never liked it and besides a clock and some icons my work Android doesn't show anything else on its homescreen. I also really enjoyed Microsoft's take on the UI design, the tiles are working well and the overall design is really seamless, unlike Android.

    The question regarding live wallpapers got raised quite a number of times ever since BB10 got released. I think, and that goes in line with your next inquiry rgd. the framed videos, they won't care about such thing with the current strategy focusing on business and enterprise users. IMO there are simply more important things to introduce rather than those purely cosmetical and entertaining stuff.

    Personally I never really got into that live wallpaper Stuff myself. I tried them when I bought my Desire Z, they were just a cool show off feature, so basically completely pointless. Those wallpapers drained battery, I felt they were more uncomfortable for the eyes while using the phone on the go. Same with my desktop: When Microsoft introduced them in Windows Vista, I was eager trying those out. But just like on the phone, I quickly went back using traditional still wallpapers. But to each their own I guess.

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    12-13-14 03:47 AM
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    Video can already play in the background now.

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    12-13-14 09:50 AM
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    Something to look forward to in 10.3.1 but in 10.3 videos don't play in the background.
    But if you have Kalemsoft Media Player the video plays when minimized.


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    12-13-14 12:41 PM

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