1. bamabris's Avatar
    I have a passport and all of a sudden it will not sync. The BBlink says the phone is connected, mapped to Z drive and then the phone icon itself never highlights so you can click on it to begin to sync. Any ideas?
    12-21-16 07:09 PM
  2. andy957's Avatar
    Windows/Mac? Which version?
    12-21-16 09:32 PM
  3. bamabris's Avatar
    windows 10 and I have rebooted many times both units. It has actually been this way for a few weeks, but I have been so busy I have not had time to even ask anyone. I have had many BB so I am not new to syncing one, but I am not an expert by any means either.
    12-21-16 10:23 PM
  4. andy957's Avatar
    I think I may have read something in the forums about problems with Win10 and syncing. You probably can find something by searching in the BB10 or Passport forums. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll see if I have the link.
    12-22-16 04:50 PM
  5. warnernuts's Avatar
    I have th same problem, i have two passports with 3 PC links, the only way I could fix this was to un-install BlackBerry link and reinstall it again and it should work with windows 10 and sync correctly
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    12-27-16 08:52 AM
  6. Mark bb10's Avatar
    This is a DM I received from @BlackBerryHelp

    "If Link is updated to support macOS Sierra, or Windows 10, we can fully investigate any issues that are reported. Since neither OS is supported any issues fall into the best effort support model which in this case is uninstall\reinstall."

    So basically they don't support and new OS from Windows10 or Mac and probably never will as it would be to much hassle for them, so much for their great security when you can't even backup you data especially before updating to 10.3.3 you may lose some or all data as reported in other threads.

    Posted by my majestic Passport
    12-28-16 07:06 AM
  7. Couver81's Avatar
    I had issues with Link after an iTunes update. After following BlackBerry's work around for that Link was all good. It seems the 10.3 updates messed something up for some. I can launch Link fine after the update and it seems to work fine but it will not back up anymore. The uninstall/reinstall hasn't seemed to work. It's very frustrating.

    Posted via CB10
    12-28-16 03:20 PM
  8. bamabris's Avatar
    I hate Computers. Two weeks ago I uninstalled Link. Tried to re-install numerous times and it would show an error, said I had the program on the computer... Looked a few minutes ago and tried to uninstall again and of course Link is not on my computer. So hell let's try to install again. I did, it worked and I am now GOLDEN! Do not ask me how, but thank you all that replied I wish I were smart enough to help you all with something one day.
    01-13-17 02:22 PM
  9. 85_305's Avatar
    Uninstall Link and reinstall it.

    Posted via CB10 Passport
    01-15-17 05:38 PM
  10. bamabris's Avatar
    Here I am months later and Link will not even pull up now. I am frustrated
    06-19-17 05:22 PM

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