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    I tried to install Words with Friends from the Amazon App Store, and it downloaded and wouldn't install. So, like I usually do when waiting for stupid Amazon App Store to initialize the install (and if I don't, it sometimes takes an hour or two to initialize) I rebooted Rumble, and it still wouldn't initialize, rebooted a couple more times with no luck, then all my apps started closing when I would try to open them. Rebooted again, noticed I can open apps for about the first minute before it starts doing that again, opened Amazon App Store, it started throwing that some android.apcore.something.or.other (not literally, can't get it to open again to make it say it) had stopped. Which would explain why my Pebble app kept just exiting after a few minutes, though it never said anything about any processes stopping.

    Do I need to just reinstall? I mean that's probably what I am going to do once I am done typing this out, just figured I would throw this on here to see if anyone else has had any such issues with their Passport

    Posted via CB10
    09-21-16 09:22 PM

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