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    I have a brand new Passport running OS I checked for software updates and it shows as having the latest OS.
    I installed BBlend and Link in my Surface tablet running Windows 8.
    The Link connects the device to the Surface. The blend doesn't. I spent almost 3 hours with Blackberry Tech support resulting in nothing, no solution. I downloaded and installed twice the software on the Surface. We tried disabling the Firewall and antivirus, checked the IPV6 on the network settings, updated the Blend on the device, and got really **&&!!!!!! Fed up. Without the ability to connect device and computer I can't keep the passport. Help. PS. Connecting device and computer via USB cable
    01-09-16 11:38 AM
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    Are you NOT able to connect Blend with wifi? Does your post script indicate you're attempting via USB or you are only successful with USB?

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    01-09-16 12:14 PM
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    I am attempting to connect via USB cable. I apologize for not being more clear
    01-10-16 09:52 AM
  4. Lusitano17's Avatar
    No need to apologize.

    My thoughts are this is a PC issue not the PP but I have to qualify that I'm not a "techie" so you may have already attempted what I suggest.

    First reboot your PP...amazing how many issues are corrected with a simple reboot.

    Delete BlackBerry desktop software completely from PC and reinstall.
    Connect PP via USB to BBLink. Confirm device recognition.
    In Link on device homepage enable wireless connections to computer.
    Close out of Link but remain signed in with your BBid. Keep PP connected with USB.

    Open Blend. It should prompt for either USB or WiFi connection. Choose USB. It should attempt connection and request that you enable Blend in PP. Do so and enable Device Connections.
    Reconnect Blend on PC.
    It should pair and provide a Passkey visible on PC and PP. Verify Passkey similarity. Blend should successfully connect.

    Now confirm Blend wifi connection.

    Close out of Blend on both PC and PP.
    Disconnect USB.
    Restart Blend on PC. It should request that Blend be enabled on PP.
    Before doing so go to PP general settings and open Device Connections.
    Enable Allow Connections. You should see your Surface Pro listed as a paired device (if you don't you need to enable sharing from within your PC)
    Press on it to confirm file access.
    Enable Blend on PP and enable Allow BlackBerry Blend enabled apps..
    Go back to PC and "reconnect" Blend.

    Blend should be functional.

    If these steps fail to connect you to your PC either via USB or WiFi ensure that you have file sharing enabled on PC.

    Go to Settings and switch ON "find devices and content".
    Also in networks make sure that sharing is enabled by right clicking on your home wifi network and choosing the appropriate prompt.

    Good luck and hope this helps.

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    01-10-16 09:53 PM
  5. Jerry King2's Avatar
    No luck. Link sees the Surface but I can't synchronize the device with Outlook. Blend can't pair the device to computer. Yesterday at least I could pair one time. I wish BB had a better tech support.
    Thanks a bunch
    01-11-16 07:21 PM
  6. Lusitano17's Avatar
    Sorry to hear. Obviously frustrating.

    I might be grasping for straws but have you tried to reenable IPV6. There are a couple of threads that suggest doing so despite it being enabled.

    Check out the 6th post in the following link. There is a link within to windows support tools.


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    01-11-16 09:46 PM
  7. fucsia's Avatar
    Perhaps, this is related to this BlackBerry KB:

    I have same problem with a Dell venue pro tablet, but apparently no solution is available.

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    01-26-16 01:33 AM

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