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    Hope someone can help. I have a Passport and have updated the OS to the newest version. I've downloaded Blackberry Link and Blackberry Blend on my computer. Link confirms I am connected to Blend. I can't, however, get my computer to pair with the phone and it keeps telling me to turn Blend on in the Quick Settings, but it's already turned on. I've tried connecting using USB as well as wirelessly. I've rebooted the computer as well as the phone. I took my phone to my office and tried to pair it with that computer, but I get the same message. Under Settings and Device Connections, my computer shows up as a Pair Computer, but Blend doesn't recognize it. Please help!! I've looked all over the Internet and I'm so frustrated. I should state that the Blackberry is new and I'm just setting it up, so it has never connected.
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    Try this: VERY importantly, remove ALL traces of Link and Blend on your computer then shut it off. Make sure you have the newest version of Blend from BlackBerry World on your Passport. Plug your Passport into your PC via USB. Turn your computer on and wait for a dialog box on your Passport to offer to install drivers onto your PC. Follow the steps from your Passport. Sometimes, the installation and effectiveness of getting Link and Blend to work are better served by NOT downloading and installing from the website. Just an alternative to try. Keep in mind that when you retry installation of Link and Blend you may have to search your PC thoroughly (even possibly going into the registry) to get rid of any remnant files from a previous installation. Good luck!
    01-20-17 08:59 PM
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    @jamescbaldwin after your turned on Blend in the quick settings, did you check the other options to see if they were on?

    Also as the previous comment said ensure your blend install is clean.
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