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    sometimes when I try to use the Web browser it'll give me an error message saying can't resolve the host name and I will have to restart the phoned. Doesn't matter if I'm on wifi or lte

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    12-08-14 03:46 PM
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    Hi vprince69,

    not being able to resolve a hostname doesn't necessarily mean there is a problem, so I wouldn't worry too much. Not being able to resolve a hostname simply means you couldn't connect to your nameserver (the computer which translates the hostname to an numerical ip address). Most commonly, I get this when I am walking through my house and I happen to be in a wifi dead zone. The same can happen over lte. If you are on wifi, check out the diagnostics page by going to:

    Settings->Networks and Connections->Wi-Fi (or just click the text in the wifi box of the drop down setting screen)

    Now click Advanced. This gives you basic information - look at Signal Level. Wifi has a maximum of -10dBm, and the lower the number (ie. the bigger the negative number) the weaker your signal is. I am currently at -57dBm and have a connection of 72mbs/.

    You can select Internet Connection from the drop down box. Make sure all the fields have numbers. Look at your primary DNS ip address, write it down, then go to the "ping" drop down. Enter the ip address in the "Ping To" field. Press Send, and you should see responses in the text box below. If it complains that it can't see the DNS, you have a problem. If it can, then you should be OK. Restart the web browser to clear any connections and you should be ok to go.

    If you still have problems, post a pic of your wifi information screen - but scrub out your SSID and AP MAC Address in an image editor for security (you shouldn't tell people these).

    Hope this helps
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    12-08-14 04:19 PM

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