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    I have been having connection issues with a Garmin vivoactive HR smartwatch after firmware upgrade on the watch and android app update (which needs the Cobalt GMaps patch). I want to do a full unpairing and repairing, but I cannot delete the device from the Bluetooth list. The watch is turned off and the android app is deleted from the phone and rebooted several times. Even if I do a wipe and restore of the phone I'm afraid it will back up the bluetooth settings.

    Has anyone experienced not being able to delete a Bluetooth device from their BlackBerry 10 device?

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    08-19-16 08:58 AM
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    I don't know, but here are some thoughts.

    Did you try a soft reset (hold power button, or hold volume buttons)? If not, try. Try one way, and if that doesn't work, try the other method.

    Can you delete paired devices on the smartwatch, or clear all paired devices? My thought is, your objective is to remove the pairing and then pair again. Deleting the pairing on the watch may be enough to essentially redo the pairing from scratch once you start. I'm not sure though. Just something to try.

    If the app plays any part in the pairing, you might install the app again, see if you can delete the pairing, then delete the app (or not). Since you are making stabs in the dark, maybe try this regardless.

    I agree you may be back in the same boat if you wipe and restore.
    08-20-16 08:14 AM
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    Just a follow up. It seems to be fixed now. The pairing can happen both with and without the app. What I did, was pair the watch to the phone without the app installed, which then allowed me to delete the pairing. Then I installed the app, and re-paired successfully through the app and things to be working fine now, although I always have the app running minimized because sometimes it loses the pairing when the app isn't running. I didn't have to do that before the last updates but it's a solution I'm comfortable with. Just more jumping through hoops to keep BB10 a viable OS.

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    08-23-16 08:40 PM

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